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The Cutest Abominable Snow Dog!

Sheltie in snow wearing coat
Dutch is a cute 14, Gina and Steve! Love the coat!

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  1. A real cutie-patootie! Love the blue dogie coat.

  2. Dutch is such a sweetheart! I love him dressed in blue and the snow on his nose. He is a beautiful sheltie.

  3. Oh are so beautiful and love the little glob of snow sitting upon you nose…Merry Xmas…lol

  4. Such a sweet face. I just love the way when Sheltie is looking at their Mama or Papa. :)

  5. Gorgeous picture & what a gorgeous senior, Dutch is!!!

    Love the coat too.

  6. Oh Dutch, you are so cute, up to your belly in snow with a nice cozy blanket on. Love the snow on his nose, too. An adorable senior dog. :-)

  7. Oh how adorable! My 14-year-old sheltie boy, Teddy, says hi!

  8. What a sweet sheltie face!
    Love the coat-stay warm little sheltie!

  9. What a sweet and beautiful angel!! Bless this little sheltie’s heart!!!

  10. Dutch is so cute in his warm coat, with snow on his nose! He looks great for 14 btw.

  11. This made my day! So excited!

  12. My goodness, just look at Dutch’s sweet face. What a GREAT way to get to start every day Gina and Steve, looking into those beautiful trusting eyes. From the snow sticking to that nose, I’d say Dutch has been having a grand ole’ time, rootin’ in the yard, but with those ears standing straight up, the Sheltie radar is tuned in! What lucky furparents you are.

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