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We Wish You a Sheltie Christmas

So many wonderful holiday photos are coming in from the Sheltie Nation family!

Cooper poses pretty.

Sheltie and poinsettia

Thanks to Becky & Scott.

Simon, did you tell Santa what you wanted?

Sheltie and Santa

Such a sweet face, Holly!

Chester & Kobe got a kitty (Charlie) for Christmas? ;)

Shelties in Christmas photoAwe, Margaret!

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  1. Oh my!! I love that Cooper photo!! What a pretty pup… they all look just great but that one caught my eye. Thanks for sharing these

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments! I do have to say that Mr. Cooper would not be sitting as pretty if that kitty cat was in the picture with him ;-)! For some reason he has a real aversion to cats!
    “Life is Better with Sheltie Hair”

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Christmas photos. I love each one! Thank you for sharing!!! Sometimes I am sad this time of year but sheltie photos always fill me with joy!!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful end to my afternoon! Such beautiful shelties. Cooper is so incredibly gorgeous and such an intent look on his face. Simon reminds me of the most precious little teddy bear.Chester and Kobe are so beautiful and seem to be tolerating the kitty, Charlie quite well. Thanks for sharing all these beauties with us. They each have their individual, wonderful sheltie look!!

  5. Another Awwww moment for all of us Sheltie lovers to begin the day!!!

    Happy Sheltie Xmas to you too from me and Kelly!

    They are beautiful, and the photo,s are picture card perfecto!!

  6. These are ALL so great!

  7. Am in love w/ALL of them! Please post pix of as many as possible, again, pretty please post pix!

  8. Margaret, all your babies, yes even the kitty, LOL, are beautiful but for me, Cooper is just so handsomely gorgeous! The tipped ears, the dark coat, the wide white yolk, the little smile and just look at the humor in those little eyes. For me, this is the total Sheltie package. Simon has the little teddy bear look goin’ on, his eyes seem to be saying Are we just about done here? These last two babies just look like fun is being had by all, Kobe has a little grin but Chester has the big Sheltie trademark smile, they both have a look that makes you wonder just what they are really thinking about! Lucky, lucky you to be living with such a pack.

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