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Ear ye! Ear ye!

Ears at 9 and 3 o’clock…or is it 10 and 2?

Sleepy Bailey Blue, we love you!

Sheltie with big ears

Thanks to Lauren! ;)

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  1. Mr. Blu has gotten much bigger and fluffier since this photo was taken! He’s 8 months now. I’ll send some new photos too, and check out his tumber at!

  2. Bailey Blue is adorable! I love her name and her cute ears, Enjoy this sweet baby!!

  3. Wasn’t he in a Star Wars movie……….?

    Isn’t that Yoda…., no really, thats Yoda…………comon!

  4. Sleeping beauty x

  5. I love those eyes!!

  6. He is earasistable. (Sorry) What a cutie, and that really is a cool name.

  7. nothing cuter than a sleepy faced sheltie….

  8. I don’t know what made me laugh harder, the picture or the caption!

  9. This little angel is so sweet.. what a beauty she is!! Just look at that sleepy face. She is a doll!!!

  10. Ahhh Bailey…I love those ears ! You are beautiful, and not even a little mouse is goin to git past yer house!

    Love it and thankyou for sharing!

  11. Best caption of 2013!

    Bailey Blue, I want to cuddle you!

  12. I love the name what a cute dog!

  13. That stink eye, (not to mention the smashed nose!) says, “BACK OFF and get that camera out of my face, pretty please! LOL Your little Bailey Blue is a doll baby. Never a dull moment with lots and lots of play time at your house I’m guessing! Enjoy many long years of love and laughter with this little delight Lauren.

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