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Happy new year! [noisemaker sound]

It appears Aggie’s not too keen on the 2013 bling.

Sheltie in new year's hat

Stink eye for sure, Ken!

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  1. Aww Happy New Year Aggie, what a good sport!

  2. Wow… Aggie looks great for her age. What a sweetie.. I love those warm, soulful eyes. She surely is a beautiful sheltie!!!

  3. Oh Aggie’s a sweetie … love those big Sheltie eyes! Happy New Year!

  4. Seeing Aggie made me smile. She is a beautiful little sheltie and she reminds me of my first sheltie and his daughter. I love her coloring and those gorgeous eyes. I wish you and Aggie much happiness is 2013. Just keep the headgear off of her!!

  5. Aggie, the cutest Baby new Year of 2013!

  6. Happy New Year Aggie!
    Her eyes are saying it all!

  7. Uh, Kelly, not only do I detect a case of stink eye, I think I see my first ever Sheltie frown! Ken, even with all the negatives, Aggie is still one good looking lady, with that beautiful honey blonde coat tipped with black high lights and just enough of a blaze to make her sexy. Lot’s of cookies, Dad, lots of cookies!

    • This is actually not her best stink eye. In fact, this is her okay-I-will-obey-as-long-as-I-get-a-cookie-for-this face! Shelties are so obedient; Aggie is no exception. Hard to believe she’s sneaking up on 13.

      • 13, WOW! What a grand looking lady Aggie is, she isreally wearing her age well. Thanks for sharing this love with us. I saw your post to Jan, now can’t wait for the February 23rd photos.

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