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I’ll Warm You Up!

In New England we’re wishing for a little sunshine this time of year, so here is “sunny” Sadie!

Sheltie laying in grass

:) Karol

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  1. The softness only a Sheltie has….she is precious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sadie is a beautiful Sheltie …and oh how I long for outdoor summer days!

  3. she is beautiful.

  4. Sadie is so beautiful and her coat is groomed exquisitely.

  5. Oh Sadie…You definitely made my morning a sunny one…even though we have a cloudy day! You would take love and warmth wherever you are no matter what the weather!
    Anothe AHHHH morning

  6. What a pretty face!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. What a pretty, pretty girl Sadie is! May you have many wonderful years together!

  9. I have a particular soft spot for this sweet baby, Sadie. She is very close to being a twin to my angel Bambi. I’m looking at these beautiful, little soulful eyes and can’t begin to imagine what thoughts must be running through her brain. What a gorgeous yard she has to play in.

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