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Jump Start Your Day!

Barclay is flying!

Sheltie jumping agility poles

I love how his ear hair gets altitude too, Joe! :0)

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  1. Fantastic energy and focus! Go Barclay!!

  2. Wow he looks like he’s having a ball!

  3. The plastic tubes and elbows are exactly how we did it for Kelly

    Barclay is having a blast!

  4. Darling picture of a little beauty of a Sheltie!

    Thanks Joe

  5. Barclay is just amazing and about the cutest sheltie I have ever seen! Like all sheltties he must be soo intelligent as well as agile and fast. His ear hair is my favorite part. I love my shelties with long ear hair, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful saheltie with all of us.

  6. Cute shot! Agility is such fun!

  7. Great action shot! Looks so much like my little Tyson i just gave him a cuddle

  8. Barclay sure is having some fun now, even at this speed, look at that big happy smile . . . GO BARCLAY, GO BARCLAY!! (Arms raised!) Can we get a WOOT, WOOT for Barclay as he “brings it home”.

    Joe, Barclay is one fine looking gentleman, you must be one proud pappa!

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