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My Mommy Loves Me!

Luna and her daughter Breeze take a nap together, but little Breeze gets the comfy bed!

Shelties sleeping on dog bed Awe, Marion.

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  1. Lunda and Breze are lovely. There markings are so striling and beautiful. I am so glad you have these sweet babies in your home. Thanks you for us sharing them with us. I also love their names and the comfy bed.

  2. Thank you everyone! I am very excited about Breeze, whom I hope will be my first homebred Champion! Its really nice having a mother/daughter, they play all the time.

  3. Breeze and Luna are string little fur babies…[ and I love their names too ]

  4. Luna and Breeze are beautiful and I love their names!!!

  5. Aww what a great shot!

  6. Awwww… your picture started my morning with a smile & a laugh!!! Loved it! What beautiful Shelties !

    Don’t we wish ALL Shelties in the world lived a life like Luna & Breeze. :-)

  7. What beautiful girls with striking markings! They sure look comfy and cozy. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful pair, Marion.

  8. Mom’s always give up the good stuff for their Baby’s!!! Very cute pic!

  9. WOW Marion, these furbabies are absolutely STRIKING!! How beautiful their coats are, I’d say you spend lots and lots of time either grooming or at the groomers. Lucky you to get to share your space with these 2 babies.

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