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My Sock Monkey Did It!

Someone got a little bored when momma was at work!

Sheltie puppy and sock monkey

LOL, naughty little Devyn, Jeanne!

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  1. Don’t you hate it when your bed explodes? PFFFFFFFT!!!! Lucky thing Sock Monkey made it thru the chaos- now Devyn still has his buddy to blame things on!

  2. Oh, I am sure it was all the sock monkey’s doing and Devyn was framed…What a cutie!

  3. Now I just KNOW the sock monkey did it!!! What an adorable little baby Devyn is. This brings back many many memories of my first sheltie. Thank you for letting us share in the adventures of your precious baby.

  4. Even though he’s cheeky, I so want to cuddle him!!

  5. Devyn is saying…

    “I was just gone for a second and when I came back… OMG that darn sock monkey is trying to get me in trouble again!” “Ever see Toy Story?”

    Yep, blame it on the stuffed toy since those eyes will get you out of any trouble!

    To darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Not me! I didn,t do it! haah Too cute

    They can surely give us little innocense look can,t they ! ahaha I got that same look when I came dowstairs and the toilet paper was wound all over the house and back!

    Many years of fun and laughter ahead for both of you!

  7. That face!!! What a cutie-pie!!! I would sure give him a reassuring hug that it was alright.

  8. Good thing these babies’ are adorable since they can be naughty little pickles (separation anxiety, much?). Then again, that’s what we get for choosing a ‘furbaby’ with such an enormous personality in such a little body;) Devyn is precious!

  9. Kinda brings back fond memories, He will get over it MAYBE, you might not but he will LOL ;) .

  10. Such a cute face.

  11. Those pesky sock monkeys! Poor Devyn, getting the blame for something he clearly didn’t do…lol.

  12. With that look all you can do is laugh… What a great looking lad you have there!

  13. Oh, Devyn, you naughty little Sheltie! I wish I could say I don’t have identical photos at my house! (Well, we didn’t blame it on the sock monkey.) It’s a good thing you are so adorable or you’d be in REAL trouble!

  14. Wow is Devyn cute or what!!!!! Good thing he has a sock monkey to be the fall guy!!! Could not get mad at him anyways with that face!!! I just want to give him a smooch!!!!!!

  15. I laughed out loud when I saw this photo! Devyn, you made my morning!

    I see you left your toy intact!!!

  16. Talk about the look of innocence, Devyn has it nailed! Glad Sock Monkey survived.

  17. Why do I feel like giving this little cutie a cookie for making snow in the house? <3

  18. OMG! That adorable little face says a lot! It warns of exasperating, frustrating, busy, fun-filled, most of all, loving, cuddly days ahead. Enjoy and love every minute.

  19. Devyn is adorable but what a little turd. He looks so innocent and sweet. My sheltie tore his bed to pieces when he was a baby, too.

  20. Ohh that is too funny! The innocent look is wonderful!

  21. of course no one could be mad at that sweet face, such a cutie!

  22. How cute. I am sure we can forgive the Monkey for what he did :)

  23. There is no way little Devyn could have done this, just look at the innocence in those eyes!! White bib, a small hint of a blaze, tipped ears and cute, cute little fuzzy butt, how could you possible be upset with this “perfect” little Angel Mom? You can see all the brain power already working, trying to guage your reaction, (he is already a step ahead of you!), so he knows what his next move will be.

  24. Damn those sock monkeys … you can’t leave them alone for a minute! Devyn is a real cutie! May you have many happy years together!

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