Sheltie Nation

Now that is a STUFFED sofa!

From left to right: Jason, Toby, Hannah, Kaleigh and Anthony.

Five Shelties on a couch

Maybe a little room for you, Lynn?

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  1. What a beautiful bunch of Shelties. You are so very lucky! I am very envious!
    God bless

  2. hahahaah Love this Photo

    If I had a fenced in and bigger place I would have a slew of Shelties for sure!

  3. Amazing job getting them to pose for you! They are beautiful. We, too, have Shelties and there is a Hannah in the bunch.

  4. WOW!!! Ae you ever fortunate to have five beautiful little barkers at your house. They are also so fortunate to have you as their parent and to have such fine companionship with other shelties. Thanks for sharing these beauties with us. I think they may be saving room for you or for another sibling!

  5. Wow … what a beautiful bunch of Shelties!

  6. They are just georgeous and so well behaved! I have had 3 but never 5. I wonder if they all try to manipulate you in the same way or different ways?

  7. Beautiful, and not one trying to push each other off the couch like at my house! BTW, is Toby full grown? So teeny next to the others!!!Such sweet faces all round!

    • Yes, Leslie. Toby is full grown. He’ll be 4 in May. Just a little guy! You should see that 9 pounder on the agility course! He’s FAST!

  8. Eenie meenie minee moe, catch a Sheltie by the toe. So hard to decide which is the best looking, because that is a fine-looking gaggle of Shelties.

    Is it a gaggle of Shelties? Maybe we can call a group of them a…Bark of Shelties! Whatever, those are gorgeous dogs!



    I am so very jealous… Jason, Toby, Hannah, Kaleigh and Anthony are so very beautiful. Gotta know they are so well mannered sitting so perfectly together on the sofa. I only have three… would have five if I could!

    Thanks for sharing such a great image… give them each a big hug and kiss for being so good.

  10. My newest screen saver. Adorable!! Could not pick just one, they are all beautiful.

  11. You must have an industrial vacuum with all the fur that must magically appear on the carpeting!! It’s bad enough at our house, and Jakey is the only sheltie in residence.

  12. Beautiful!!My dream some day to have as many as you..four more to

  13. Bunches and bunches of shelties. I LOVE IT!!! What good boys and girls to pose so perfectly for the camera. Such beauties!!!

  14. Kinda bring new meaning to the old saying OH That’s the DOG’s Couch. ;)
    A Very Fine collection indeed.

  15. My goodness Lynn, how do you handle ALL of that brain power in one spot? I would really be hard pressed to pick the beauty in this group, the best I can offer is a 5-way tie! How confusing your house must be having 5 “fur people” demanding attention and always telling you what to do! I can also imagine all the fun when the shenigans start! Lots of many happy years in your future for you and your pack.

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