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Shelties. LOL

Toby, Riley thinks you are silly.


The looks are priceless, Kelly!

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  1. Two very handsome furbabies. I’m sure you have lots of laughs and hi-jinx to contend with on a daily basis, lucky you. Wishing you many more long and happy years with your babies.

  2. Beautiful dogs! My Toby enjoys belly rubs, too. Must be something with that name. Congratulations.

  3. Two cuties! Toby is quite ferocious on his back,showing his teefies to Riley, but I think he’s harmless (don’t tell him I said that tho)

  4. Awww – that is so cute!!! Bet they are best buddies!

  5. What an adorable pair shelties; I bet they provide load of laughs! May you all have many years of happiness together!

  6. Well, Toby laying on his back like that looks identical to what our Tory does! Our larger dog, Mickey thinks he looks silly, also. Thanks for sharing Riley and Toby with us. They are both handsome shelties.

  7. Gee…another Ahhh moment….Priceless!

  8. You have such gorgeous shelties Kelly!

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