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So What’s the Plan?

2 year old Lily and Max the Sheltie plan their next adventure.

Sheltie and child on bed

Or maybe he is hoping she will share that sippy cup, Christine? ;)

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  1. I love interactions between kids and shelties. The best!

  2. Lily and Max do look very cute together as they ponder their next adventure. I hope they will have many, many years of fun and love. Max does look VERY cuddly. Thanks for sharing this darling twosome!

  3. My aww moment for today..Thankyou for sharing!
    They are both so cute!

  4. How very sweet…

    Can not think of a better way to start your moring than to discuss… what’s next with your sheltie buddy!

    Yes, I agree with Sullivan… Max does look like a little Teddy Bear.

  5. Lily and Max, wonderful for both of them, already forming their lifelong bond which we know is something that you can not break. It almost looks as if they are studying each other, trying to figure what their next caper . . . er-r-r I mean, next move is going to be.

    Both Lily and Max are two beautiful little babies and there will be much fun for years to come. I love the little “teddy bear” look of Maxs’, starring at the sippy cup as if to say, “you going to drink that?”

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