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That’s No Couch Cushion!

Poor Robbie. It looks like he only gets 15 hours of sleep every day.

Shetland Sheepdog sleeping on couch

:) John

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  1. Robbie is a beauty! Shelties sure can sleep in some strange positions. Thanks for sharing him with us. His fur is so gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for everyones lovely comments about Robbie.
    He is a wonderful loving dog

  3. Not a worry in the world. The way it should be for all Shelties (actually, every living thing – except snakes!)

  4. What a beautiful furbaby. He looks like a sleeping lion. :)

  5. Our Allie is pretty sure we bought the new couch just for her. Occasionally she allows us to occupy the couch, but she will give us a look that says…”how dare you?” LOL

  6. Oh little Robbie..You are the cutest little furry angel! Sweet dreams little guy!…lol

  7. Awww, cutie!

  8. He looks so comfortable, what a cute little guy!

  9. I would love to cuddle up with Robbie any day. He sure looks comfy and cozy. What a cutie!

  10. I hope Robbie doesn’t get a crick in his neck from sleeping like that! He sure is cute too.

  11. Wow! What a cutie. Bet he’s a lover. We can’t even get ours on the couch or to stay there if I lift them onto it. Rescue dogs are hard to figure sometimes.
    Bill – 3 Rescue Shelties in Northwest IN

  12. Look up couch potato in the dictionary and you will see this picture of Robbie! LOL And what a cutie he is John, even in sleep there is a hint of a smile . . . that would be the true meaning of contentment! What more could a “dog”, (I use the term loosely because we all know he doesn’t think he is one), ask for?

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