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The Double Baroo

Claussen & Little Bear are the models of synchronization!


;) Lysette

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  1. Awww, they are both beauties!!!!

  2. Such a lovely picture of your beautiful Shelties. I would love to give them both a big hug!! The blue sky really sets this photo!!

  3. Love the synchronized head tilt. Could they be any cuter?

  4. Oh how cute!! I love it when they tilt their heads to the side!! They are beautiful!!

  5. Awww! Seeing this picture makes me feel much warmer than the bitter cold reality outside! Thank you all for the comments/compliments!

  6. OK we’re looking cute. When do we get a cookie?

  7. So adorable. How’d you get them to pose like that??

    • Well, they’ve had “stay” down pat forever because of all the pictures I take..and for the head tilt, any goofy noise will do-even the classic “Are you hungry?” Haha..

  8. Oh my, the cute!! Love the bi-black as well

  9. Claussen and Little Bear are adorable, and love the tilt of Claussen,s head

  10. awwwww! All grown up. What a cute pair.

  11. Claussen and Little Bear are just adorable! They have the sheltie head tilt down pat! Thanks for sharing these beauties with us.

  12. How completely adorable!

  13. HUH,…. I love it very cute

  14. HUH,…. I love it, Very Cute.

  15. Aww these guys are so cute.

  16. Aw-w-w Lysette, what a stunning picture of your two furbabies. When they all look this good, there is no way to pick the cutest or a favorite, when the babies look like this there will ALWAYS be a tie.

    I do think I see a little mischieviousness in both that as soon as the camera is down one says OK, what’s next? and the other says lead the way, I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth! Enjoy these babies for lots of years to come.

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