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The Queen of Manipulation

This is Bella one of my rescue Shelties.

I think she is trying to tell me it’s time to get off of the computer!?

Sheltie guilt

Not very subtle is she, Michael? :))

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  1. Not to subtle is she Michael? Bella is pleading with those pretty big brown eyes, “PLEASE, play with me.” I would think with this little beauty around, you have more trouble working than playing, one look is all it takes! Good on you for rescueing, Bella knows she has lucked into a good thing. Just look at all the years of fun and companionship that is ahead in your futures.

  2. Awww Bella you are so pretty!
    Kelly too uses her paws to tell me when to get off my computer, or whenever she wants my attention.Also she does the Sheltie Circle thingie…Too cute!

  3. Aww good for you helping out a dog in need she is beautiful!

  4. I know that look well, only I have four sets of eyes upon me when I spend too much time doing something that doesn’t involve my Shelties!

  5. When Beau thinks I’m on the computer to long, he pokes me in the butt and runs to the couch. That’s my cue, time for momma lovin he has me well trained.

  6. Is she sitting ON your desk? Those crazy shelties!!

  7. Must be the Girlie Shelties — Very Cute — My LIA paw’s at my keyboard till I get sick of her doing it, almost to say I know that if I do it enough times; I’m “WINNING!”

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely Bella with us. I do think she is wanting some of your undivided attention. and I bet she gets it soon!!

  9. Is there any dog that can look more forlorn, more reproachful than a Sheltie?! Bella has certainly perfected “the look.” ;) Hugs to you for adopting!

  10. Love that face, lol! That is definitely a ‘pay attention to me NOW’ face.

  11. How can you resist THOSE EYES? I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight after seeing those pleading eyes. Please, get off the computer & play with Bella!

    And thanks for rescuing her, she’s a sweetie.

  12. Bella is such a beauty. Look at those loving, soulful eyes!!!! Is her bed on top of the desk? LOL!! Bless your heart for giving her a loving home. :)

  13. Bella you have every right to let your feelings be known! With a face like that, how could anyone refuse you. Such a pleading face. Too sweet.

    I know Michael will allow you a cuddle and cookie to ease your pain!

    Many happy years to you both. Thanks Michael for giving Bella such a great home.

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