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The Sheltie Front-door Personality

Mackenzie says: “howdy, neighbor!”

Sheltie looking out front door

What a beautiful girl, Donna!

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  1. Thanks you for sharing your beautiful “doorbell” with us. I bet she is on the money to alert you to anything she sees or hears. We have two good doorbells at home and they keep us posted on anything that moves.

  2. MacKenzie is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  3. I have another one of those Sheltie doorbells. She also alerts when the timer goes off on the microwave or the oven, thinking she might get something to eat.

    Mackenzie is awesomely beautiful.

  4. Thankyou for sharing…MacKenzie is adorable ! Many years of lots of fun and love ahead!

  5. Stunning!! What a show dog.

  6. She is a beauty!!

  7. Wow, so beautiful!!!

  8. I sure would love to be greeted by MacKenzie. What a beautiful girl!

  9. One word—-Regal! Regarding the best “doorbell”, I have the best in my neighborhood. She proved it again on Trick or Treat night. She wore herself to a frazzle of her usual self. Not only did she bark frantically, she’s grab a toy and shake the daylights out of it–each and every time. Love our quirky Shelties!!

  10. Oh my, what an absolutely beautiful Sheltie!!! MacKenzie’s coat looks so luxurious and soft… I love her facial markings with the white snout.

  11. Mackenzie is a gorgeous and sweet looking girl! Wishing you many, many long and happy years with your baby!

  12. WOW Donna! MacKenzie is the perfect example of what a Sheltie Embassador should be and I’m guessinig here, but I bet you have you the best “doorbell” in the neighborhood. She is so striking, what a beautiful coat she has. I can only imaginie how proud of this furbaby you are.

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