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The “Sneaky Sleepy Peek Technique”

Tobymeister (from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue of St. Louis ) is spying on a rabbit nibbling on our ornamental grass only 3 feet away.

Rescued Shetland Sheepdog on bed in garden

What a lovely place for a nap…or for spying, Christine! :)

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  1. Wish I could figure out how to share a photo of my Cooper with you! I thought you had my dog!

  2. The Tobymeister looks like a sly fox. He is very beautiful sheltie, Christine.

    • Hello Ms. Tina! He likes to think he’s a sly fox, but we have yet to catch Mr. Rabbit (thank goodness). They like to nest in my ornamental grasses and of course that’s where he likes to mark his territory. Not sure who will concede first. :)

  3. Ha, ha, very sneaky indeed. My girls have lived with bunnies and basically ignore them, unless they are doing bunny zoomies. THAT gets their attention!

    Tobymeister is so very cute. Congrats on adopting this lovely boy.

    • This is hilarious. I know exactly what you mean by bunny zoomies. Wish I could see your pets on video doing that same run. If only I had their flexibility to change course on a dime. God Bless!

  4. What a smart and handsome boy! And BIG hugs to you for adopting!

  5. What a cutie and SO happy to read that he is a rescue! And, I’m yearning to be where he is – it looks nice and warm! Here in the great state of Minnesota, it’s FIVE DEGREES!

    • Hello Minnesota! Toby is my pride and joy at 12 years old and thankfully still active and healty. I am fortunate to call him my second rescued Sheltie. That photo was taken when Missouri had much warmer temps. I’m not a snowbird, so you and I would be good company. Counting down the days to Spring.


  6. so sweet! They never *really* sleep when there is a whole yard to be supervised, do they.

  7. I love Tobymeister’s name. Is that his undercover “spy” name or his everyday name? His quiet indiffernce is sure to fool his prey. Thanks for sharing your handsome spymeister with all of us!

  8. Play it cool, Tobymeister, and you may get to play with a rabbit. But can you herd a rabbit?

    • Wait, I see now Toby has superpowers. He’s outside, laying on a clean white blanky! My dogs can’t stay clean even if I kept them cooped up inside, but Tobymeister has managed to stay clean & tidy on his folded up blanket! How is this possible? He must be Super Sheltie!

    • I love this comment. You made me laugh out loud. Good ole Toby has chased many a rabbit, but has yet to catch one. I promise myself I will take herding classes or agility with my next Sheltie.

  9. What a great place for the Tobymeister to nap. Congratulations to you Christine for rescuing what looks like a sweet senior soul. Maybe he came from a hard life, and knowing now that he never has to worry again, just lying there letting the rest of the world go by isn’t such a bad thing. I hope you have many long happy years with your new “heart”.

    • Thank you! He is truly a great dog. He is my senior boy (12 yrs), but still healthy and active. My daugther is attending school out of state, so he is my best friend (second only to my mom). Toby does well with all Sheltie fosters, too. Whoever sacrificed him was a fool, but I’m grateful they did. My good fortune! God Bless.

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