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This Hotel Only Got Three Stars in the Michelin Guide?

Who cares about the mints on the pillow. I want one of these on my pillow every night.

There should be a 4 Star level!

Shetland Sheepdog using pillow

Awe Carrie, Trixie looks so sweet.

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  1. Trixie looks just adorable on that pillow. Sweet dreams, little girl. I hope you are blessed with a long life and companionship together. I have a Trixie, too, she is a border collie/lab mix and is turning 16 this year.

  2. Trixie just loves her celebrity status for the day. She also enjoys those 800 count cotton sheets! She is my sweet shadow and cuddle bug. Shelties are the best and rescue shelties are even better! Thanks everyone for all your kind words! Love seeing all Trixie’s fellow shelties here!

  3. Trixie is a beauty. Seeing her makes you want to curl up next to her and plant a sweet kiss on her nose or head. Thanks for sharing her with us!


  5. Murph’s got his own pillow right beside mine. He’s the laziest rescue I’ve ever seen, but I love knowing he’s completely content.

  6. I usually get one bum in my armpit and another bum in the crook of my knee. Then my husband claims his half of the bed. I’m lucky I get any space at all, but it’s ok, we’re one big happy family!

  7. Trixie is so cute, all curled up, dreaming of the fun she’s going to have when she wakes up.

  8. That’s so cute!! Jakey was a different story. He’s reluctant to go on the bed at all, and it took forever, for him to figure he was welcome on the couch next to me.

    I think that stems from his time as a puppy, when his “little sister” Sally, a Jack Russell, used to growl at him for no particular reason when they were both on the bed.

    About six months ago, he figured out it was OK to be on my right side, because Sally usually stays on my left, hunkered down by my thigh. It’s funny he’ll be there for what seems like forever while I’m watching TV, and then get up and go lie on the tile by the front door. We joke about him having a higher sleep number than Sally (for those that recognize the TV commercial for a brand of bed).

  9. My rescue didn’t take long to find the bed, now he and I share my pillow. He has the king pillow so I have a mushie one on top of that, and he doesn’t snore!!!

  10. Yep. Shelties just seem to migrate to a soft bed AND a pillow. I can’t count the times I’ve lost my spot in the bed at night if I get up for any reason. Luckily, I can just push them out of the way so I can have a small space. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  11. I have a Trixie too, but she’s a border collie. She’s named after a blind rescue dog that lived on my college campus and was loved by all.

    As far as the sleeping Princess Trixie in the picture…..precious. Isn’t it hilarious how these shelties just know the finer things are meant for them? My Luckie is a rescue. Her former home consisted of a small kennel with a dirt floor and a wooden box with no bedding. A pig was penned next to her. The night I brought her home was her first night in a house. She got a good bath and proceeded to claim the leather chair next to my bed. Nearly a year later, that’s where you will find her if she’s not in my bed or on the couch. When we went on vacation, she quickly scanned the condo and hopped up into the biggest, cushiest chair there. It was hers until we left. :)

  12. AW-w-w-w-w Carrie, thanks for this moment. I’ve go the flu or some other cootie and this was just a great way to start my day, Trixie looks to be an absolute sweeetheart. I too would love to wake to one of those on my pillow, she is beautiful. Lucky you.

  13. So beautiful, makes me want to curl up next to her and rest my head on the pillow too.

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