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This — Stuff — Is — Awesome!

This is Jaime who LOVES playing in the snow and likes to tell me about it!


Happy boy, Kathy!

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  1. Jamie is one handsome sheltie and he looks so happy. he looks like several I have had over the years. Enjoy this sweet snow boy.

  2. Yes that is another Sheltie in the background! These two sisters just can’t get enough of each other or the snow. Jaime is a rescue dog and it’s so heartwarming to see her so happy! Thanks everyone for your comments!

  3. Shelties are so cool! Our pup just turned one today. She loves to use her nose as a snow plow. I am so blessed to have her.

  4. What a beatiful baby :-) My Sheltie, Lucky loves the snow and he loves to “help” shovel the snow by pushing the shovel with his snout. Now this is not always in the direction that we want the shovel to go LOL

  5. Yes, smiles all around. Dogs and snow just seem to go together like pie and ice cream!

  6. I love the look on his face, reminds me of my lost sheltie Harley. Our family misses him so much and these last 9months have been so lonely without him. Harley also loved playing in the snow. You are lucky to have yours in your life, cherish every moment with them.

  7. Looks like Jamie is a snow loving Sheltie! His colouring is gorgeous!

  8. Is that another Sheltie tail I see in the background? Jaime, you are so cute, having fun in the snow like so many Shelties do.

  9. That’s one happy Sheltie! I believe playing in the snow is a Shellie thing, we played so hard the first time Tupper saw snow I got completely wore out.

  10. What a great picture, he sure does love the snow!

  11. Jaime seems so very pleased with himself! What a wonderful expression. He is telling us to appreciate the small things in life…
    Makes for a happier life for dog or human!

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet photo Kathy.

  12. Isn’t it amazing how you can read exactly what they are saying just by their cheeky grin:-)

  13. Oh my goodness!!!! He looks so happy. I love knowing they are filled with joy and shelties love to talk to you when they are! Lucky Jaime Lucky you!

  14. What a handsome boy Jaime is Kathy. He has everything going for him that a Sheltie should have to make him the perfect, total package for me . . . and I LOVE that big toothy smile! It looks like off to the right is another furbaby, how lucky for you to have all this beauty and I bet you have lots of snow zoomies in this yard! There is just something about snow and Shelties that makes it a win-win all the way around for everybody.

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