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Come back to bed

…there’s a warm Loki waiting for you.


:) Felicia

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  1. Our Loki turns 15 this October! I hope your Loki will give you as much time and love as ours has given us!

  2. That’s the way my babies do too!

  3. Loki is just divine. Such a pretty little one!

  4. Oh, I’d come back to bed if there was a Loki waiting for me! So cute, how do her bedmates manage to tear themselves away from her & go to work?

  5. Loki DOES look very regal as she is on her comfotable bed waiting on her human to come back to bed! She is such a pretty little sheltie. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  6. Oh Loki… you are so beautiful!! :)

  7. And, regal she is.!!!!! I bet she doesn,t want to come off that soft comfy bed!

    Nice photo !

  8. Something has sure caught Loki’s attention, such a regal pose. She is really a pretty little girl, at least here she looks tiny.

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