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Happy Birthday to me!


Marley looks like a he had a happy birthday, Brenda!

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  1. Love love love the smiley face and squinty eyes! He looks so contented and happy:)

  2. Nice fun photo! Looks like Marley is one happy birthday Sheltie!

  3. That pic is a riot! What a happy boy!

  4. WOW – what a great picture, definitely worth framing!! Marley is one beautiful boy, absolutely love his smile – made me smile from ear to ear too! Happy 1st Birthday Marley!

  5. Wow Marley is such a cutie on his birthday! What a great pic of him, big happy Sheltie smile, did he shake off his hat right after this shot, or did he wait until he finished his cake?

  6. Wow–what a happy birthday boy Marley seems to be! I hope he had the best birthday ever. he is a handsome boywho I know must give you much joy.

  7. I’m grinning ear to ear myself, seeing this marvelous photo of the birthday boy. Glad you are enjoying yourself on your big day. Happy birthday and many, many more!

  8. What a beautiful photo of Marley..Seems like Marley has been into something other than a piece of his birthday cake…ahh
    I love the smile on his face, and he is very handsome to boot!What a happy little boy!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY, and many more to come ahead of you

  9. So sweet! Happy Birthday Marley!

  10. OMG, what a GREAT photo! If you looked up the definition of Happy Dog in the dictionary, Harley’s face would be right there. Happy birthday, Harley boy. May you have many, many more!

  11. Sending out Happy Birthday wishes to Marley.

    Brenda, what an outstanding shot of your Happy Birthday, boy! (very much frame worthy)

    Looks like Marley had the best birthday ever!

    ps His picture made me smile from ear to ear, thanks for that.

  12. Time to Parr..ty, Yea LOL Nice shot

  13. Now that’s one happy birthday boy!!!! What a great shot, Brenda!! This photo of Marley speaks volumes!!! He’s so happy and smiling so wide that his eyes are squinted shut! :)

  14. I am assuming that picture was taken before the cake was served!..What a great Sheltie Smile, Happy Berfday!

  15. Happy Welping Day Marley! I hope you had a lot of cake and presents!

  16. LOL Brenda, WOW, what a shot! If I had to guess, it looks like Marley might have gotten into someone’s “happy juice”. (of course I am just kidding, SN knows that responsible parents don’t let their furbabies drink until they are at least 5! HA-HA-HA) It may be Marley’s birthday but we are the lucky ones, because we got a wink and his big sheltie smile. Lucky you for gettinig to spend all your time with this most handsome little man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY, enjoy all the treats. Kiss, kiss, hug, hug.

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