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Hey Mr. Vet, You Stink!

Naiche caught a bad rash from playing in the leaves, but is back now.

This was him resting after coming home from the vet. He had to endure the Anal Thermometer!


Oh what a poor baby, DK!

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  1. Poor guy, how humiliating! My Bentley actually looked embarrassed the last time his temp was taken!

  2. Naiche has such a sweet and TIRED expression on his pretty face. Poor boy, they simply don’t understand medical-care is for their well-being – anymore than a very-young child would. My Amanda is none-to-keen on the “A.T.” either – but many kisses and a good nap are the ‘order of the day’ afterward (a visit to the groomer isn’t exactly her favorite activity either!). Much sympathy and a smile to your very-handsome guy!

  3. Peace Good Fur children lovers,
    Naiche is pronounced Nai ( like deny) chee. Naiche was the son of
    the Native Anerican warrior Cochise. Naiche in real life
    was a reluctant warrior who loved to paint &
    Loved the Ladies ! Naiche , our furboy LOVES the ladies!!!
    Our leaves must of had urine from other animals that
    Irritated his lil belly!!
    He’s better now,thanx for all your great wish’s !!

  4. Just curious. How do you pronounce “Naiche” and does it have a special meaning? (Names people use for their dogs fascinate me.)

    My first Sheltie was “Neechee”, pronounced nee CHEE. It is Eastern Band dialect of Cherokee for “Little Dog” (as a proper name – gigli being a generic dog).

  5. POOR BABY! I know that look of shame from the vet all too well! Did the vet at least give you cookies???

  6. Speedy recovery Naiche! You are a beautiful Sheltie!

  7. One of Beau’ first picture is taken at the Vets office he looks directly into the camera with a expression that says,” Dr M you sticking what where, Oh hell no” Its one of my favorite pictures,

    but, Naiche you feel better soon okay

  8. Naiche, we are so glad you are back home. You are one gorgeous sheltie baby. Try and stay out of those bad leaves!

  9. Rash from leaves, pray tell, Matilda loves making a bed out of leaves. What kind of leaves?

    Naiche is such a handsome boy. His expression tells us that he is running the entire experience through his head. Poor kid.

  10. AAwwww.. bless his little heart!! What a beautiful Sheltie!!!!

  11. It’s no fun to have to visit the Vet, but on behalf of the DVM’s I have worked for and with, no one cares more, and works harder on behalf of our little Fur-Folks. “GOD Bless the beasts and the children” and their doctors :)
    Take Care Naiche, dear little lad. oxox

  12. Let it go Naiche, I see you’re still thinking about the mean vet. But the vet was trying to help you feel better even though it wasn’t very undignified for you to endure. Feel better!

  13. What a beautiful name and gorgeous Sheltie. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  14. Awww…Poor little Naiche….No much fun is it? But you will be right back on your feet very soon…Get better quick little guy!

  15. Oh so NOT fun! Naiche is a beauty and I know will be back on his feet soon. Yes, we feel your pain and send hugs and kisses your way.

  16. Poor Naiche, ah-h-h to suffer the humilation and degradation at the hands of that nasty ole’ vet! Don’t worry baby, we all feel your pain, I’d want to go hide too. Unless I’m looking at shadows, Naiche looks like a really sweet senior and since we seniors all don’t bounce back like we did when we were 20 something, a good nap was the best medicine for what ails ya’ Get well soon baby, lots of hugs and kisses.

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