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I Got Your Back

Instead of one of those long emails telling you what it is to be a good friend, let’s just show you.


Thanks for sharing your friends Beckon and Layla, Chris.

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  1. This photo is oozing with cuteness. None of our current Shelties want to get that close to another. Each like to have their own space.

  2. What beautiful babies!!! I love this photo!!

  3. They are beautiful! Don’t you just love it when they lay down beside each other like this! Too precious!

  4. What a beautiful twosome they are. I love how shelties accept other shelties as they come into their domain. Somehow they all become best friends

  5. So comfy on the bed, Beckon and Layla are making me want to go back to bed myself! With a trusty Sheltie close by of course.

  6. “Old Friends, old friends, sat on a park bench like Bookends” Paul Simon

  7. So your bed is not your own either! But if you have to share our Shelties are great bed buddies!

  8. Awwwww… they look like they are the best of buds and that they are spoiled by their people !!!

  9. They look SO content!

  10. Aww look at those two they look so content.

  11. Oh my, why would you ever want to get out of bed if you could cuddle with Beckon and Layla! A warm, fuzzy, snuggle is a great way to begin a morning.

  12. Nirvana, or simply heaven. What more could you want? Two beautiful lovely babies enjoying AND taking care of each other. Thank heavens, Millie trusts me the same way. Although, we’re pretty ‘sleepy eyed’ in our repose ;-)

  13. Wow Chris, thanks for sharing. A body couldn’t ask for 2 better BFF’s than this. These 2 furbabies are as different as night and day but still equally as beautiful. Lucky you for getting to share their lives.

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