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Monday is Tie Day!

Max says: “Did someone say tie? Nooo! I thought you said pie!”


So handsome, Tina!

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  1. Max is one handsome boy. What a great smile and of course, those expressive Sheltie eyes. But what put you over the top for me are those adorable white toes! What a stunner!

  2. What a handsome boy Max is. Look at that smile! Cute picture.

  3. What a great way to start a Monday… with a smile.

    MAX’s face says it all!

    I have brushed my teeth…
    brushed my fur…
    put on my best tie…
    … NOW I am ready to start my work week!

    So very dapper is Mr MAX!

    Gotta LOVE that sheltie smile and bright eyes….

    You can tell he is one happy boy!

  4. Oh my.. what a handsome gent we have here today. Max is one beautiful sheltie!!!

  5. Love this picture. What a handsome, happy boy. (and so photogenic)

    Thanks, Max, for making me smile!

  6. Oh my Max..You do look like one handsome dude..Are we ready to go out and SWING ? ahha…………lol

  7. How handsome Max is in his striped tie! He looks like he is going to a formal event. He has such a pretty face and such loving eyes. Thanks for sharing your sweet boy with us.

  8. Max is so dapper. What a sweet face.

  9. So very handsome, with or without the TIE! ;)

  10. Such a handsome fella, looks like he might be dressed for his retirement party, time to kick back and enjoy the slow pace life has to offer. Max is a really good looking furbaby and would be a great embassador for the breed. Love, love, love the big smile. Now Max, relax, chase a squirrel, bark at the mailman, have a cookie! Congratulations Tina on raising such a great furbaby, wishing you many more years of companionship and happiness.

  11. First thought? “What a sweetheart!”.

    Second thought? “What a HANDSOME sweetheart!”

    Third thought? “Hug that handsome boy extra hard [and often]!

  12. That is sooo cute!! :) Max’s markings on his chest make him look like he’s wearing a suit too hahaha!

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