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Sea Smiles!

Thomas and Madison are loving their first time on the beach!


 :) Shari

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  1. Thomas and Madison are very handsome beach boys! I hope they had a wonderful time at the beach.

  2. What beautiful Shelties & what a pretty photo. Looks like a lovely day for all at the beach!

    Thomas & Madison have a nice mommy to take them on a such a fun outing!

  3. Wow, what handsome dogs! Big happy smiles, they sure seem to be enjoying the beach.

  4. Thanks for sharing Shari, your bi-blacks are gorgeous. Look at those big grins they are both sporting, as if to say, “Ain’t life grand?” Enjoy the beach babies.

  5. What two beautiful Shelties…and I can bet that they had the time of their lives on their first fun day at the beach!

  6. Very happy Shelties

  7. Gorgeous! The love just pours out, you can see it. Many happy years to you Shari.

  8. Very pretty dogs looks like their enjoying themselves.

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