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Smooshed Face Sleeper

No drooling, Mally!


:0)  Denise

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  1. That is the CUTEST thing i have ever seen! :3

  2. AWW Sweet and pleasant dreams Mally..all snuggled up on the comfy couch!

  3. Wanting to thank all of you for your comments/compliments on Mally’s “Sleepy” picture. And a special thank you to Kelly for posting it.

  4. aww what a sweet Sheltie. My sheltie Ginger sleeps like that all the time. I love to just watch her while she sleeps she is soo cute.

    PS. In response to Joanna’s comment I did notice the same thing about Ginger when she is all snuggly warm she does smell like popcorn haha I thought i was the only one who thought that =)

  5. I love to see sleeping Shelties …they get into such funny positions! Mally is a cutie for sure!

  6. Really cute and LOVE the freckles. Mally is obviously enjoying his cozy spot for a snooze. Wish I could join him!

  7. And what an absolutely adorable face little Mally has. I agree with the others, nothing cuter than a Sheltie sleeping, unless or course, it is a Sheltie awake! Thanks for sharing this aw-w-w-w moment with us.

  8. Another snoozing Sheltie??? STOP! I can’t take the cuteness! Does anyone else’s Sheltie smell like popcorn when it’s warm and snugglely? I’ve had two now that do. . .

  9. Mally is so sweet looking as she is sleeping. Let’s face it–our shelties are so sweet and beautiful whether awke or sleeping! Thanks for sharing your little beauty with us.

  10. Now that is one wonderful picture! Too sweet…

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