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Snow Problem

Molly and Rocky say: “Hey Mom, how do we get to the backyard?”

Keep shoveling, Denise! :)

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  1. Hi all ! Glad you enjoyed the pic and I loved to read all your feedback! Mollie and Rocky are still enjoying the snow…it’s still here! Have a great Sheltie Day!

  2. How precious are those two:)! We live in California – so as you can imagine – snow is atypical. However, because of our altitude we do occasionally receive some snow. Picture this: ‘Wife’ (me) in fuzzy-bathrobe using an ordinary dustpan to hastily fashion a path between the family room door and upper-terrace lawn – because ‘Husband’ had an early flight to catch – and didn’t believe the weather-report. Amanda wasn’t about to get any of that cold white stuff on her little paws – and had to ‘tinkle’ badly;)

  3. Lovely pic of two Sheltie snow babies!!

  4. They are absolute perfection! Love those faces!

  5. Great shot.

    I would frame this picture of your two stunning shelties.

  6. Cute! My boy is a Sheltie Angel now, but I used to maintain an extensive back yard trail system with the help of a two stage snow blower. (No, it didn’t kill the grass.)

  7. Molly and Rocky are beautiful little furry babies..HOLY COW!
    I can bet you are going to be shoveling paths for the. I am surely glad I do not live in Saskatchewan any more… We get some snow up here in the Okanagan, but usually nothing we can,t handle with our good ol snow shovel!
    Love the photo!

  8. Awww, what a cute pair of Shelties. We haven’t had any snow to speak of in my area this year – I miss watching my babies frolic in the snow; but I sure don’t miss shoveling.

  9. What a cute photo. These babies look as fed up with this winter as much as me and my sheltie are. He doesn’t even want to go out and play in the snow anymore. Anyway, these shelties are a beautiful pair! Soon spring will arrive!!!

  10. I love the perturbed look on Rocky’s face!

  11. oh my, poor darlings… I know whay you will be doing today…
    cutting paths for your fur babies to travel!

    Take care and be careful out there!

  12. What a great shot. These two are beautiful.

  13. I can’t tell you how happy I am I moved from up North to down South to get out of all that mess! Molly and Rocky sure are two of the cutest snow angels I’ve seen this year and I’m guessing that once the outside business is taken care of, there is lots of playing and much fun to be had. I’m sure they will keep you laughing with the antics.

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