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Ten miles. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.

And Mika LOVED it!


;) Stephanie

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  1. Mika has a great smile and a beautiful coat covered with snow. I am so happy she gets to enjoy playing in the snow. She looks like one happy, beautiful sheltie.

  2. Beautiful, tough little cookie!

  3. Happy dog and so beautiful!

  4. Miki I bet loved every minute of it I bet! Very pretty too…Kelly loves to get out and run in the snow and catch snowballs..So much fun!

  5. Oh my goodness.. what a beautiful snow baby!! I love Mika’s happy face and thick coat. Great photo, Stephanie!!!!

  6. Simply beautiful and captures our Sheltie’s passion for snow fun. Was so hoping to get my girls to the snow this year but Yosemite is not having snow again this winter, second year in a row! :-(

  7. What a nice picture I love Mika’s beautiful coat!

  8. Look at this kid lovin’ life! Knee deep in snow, snow beard on the chin and still laughing all the way! I guess in these snow babies eyes, life don’t get no better than this. Your Mika is absolutely stunning, this would be the greatest December calendar shot. Not sure how much fun this is for you but we know Mika is havinig the time of his life, party on!

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