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Total Loss of Tongue Control

It’s escaping again! Quick, somebody catch it before it gets away!
sleepypppffftttIndigo is so sweet, Helen & Kunal!

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  1. Indigo is a beautiful girl, this is one of the best photos I have seen on the site so far. Our Candy does this especially when getting lots of attention!

  2. I loved seeing Indigo and his tongue showing as he slept. His name is wonderful and he is a beautiful sheltie.

  3. Another lovely sleeping Sheltie! Love the loss of tongue control – indigo is a beauty!

  4. How sweet and peaceful she looks. Our Murphy sleeps with his tongue out sometimes. Never had a Sheltie do that before. Too funny.

    • Murphy has the tongue of an anteater! I’m always getting the tongue in the face. He can reach peanut butter in Kongs that the other three can’t get to.

  5. LOL! That is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

  6. Wishing you many Happy years with your Precious Indigo. They are the most wonderful of all dogs I have ever had…miss my Buddy so much.

  7. Sheltie Nation is on a roll with these sleeping beauties lately. I love the tongue!! Such a perfect name for a perfect Sheltie!!!

  8. I LOVE when I catch one of my girls this way.

  9. Aww Indigo looks quite comfortable.

  10. Indigo is a beautiful baby! Many, many joy-filled years with him. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks Helen and Kuna for my great aw-w-w-w moment start to the day. Indigo is one stunning baby and the little tongue tip is just the right touch. This beautiful blue merle has such a sweet sleep smile you can’t help but fall in love here. Lucky, lucky you.

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