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Warm AND Stylish!

Danny Boy is ready for cold weather with his new scarf!
So dapper, Chris. :)

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  1. I must say that wherever Danny Boy goes people blow him kisses!

  2. What a peaceful, sirene sweet face! I can tell this handsome senior gentleman is one smooth lady killer, you can just fall right in and lose yourself in this baby’s soulful eyes. I agree with all others, Danny Boy sure is dapper in his winter wear. Sending lots of hugs and kisses for that silver nose.

  3. Such a cute and fashionable Sheltie boy!

  4. Now that’s stylin’! Danny Boy is rocking his scarf. He looks like he knows it, too, LOL. What a cute senior boy.

  5. Now that is one handsome and dapper sheltie!
    Danny Boy has the sweetest face.
    Thanks for sharing this stylish boy with us!

  6. So handsome! and so ready for the cold weather!

  7. What a sweetheart Danny Boy is! I love his scarf. he looks so debonair. Enjoy your wonderful sheltie.

  8. That’s my Danny Boy! He does like his scarfs and hats!

  9. Oh Wow..Danny boy..You are one handsome dude, and I love that scarf you

  10. Oh Danny Boy, you are one handsome guy! So happy to see you here on Sheltie Nation :)

  11. Aw, what a sweetheart.

    Both Danny Boy and his scarf are very handsome.

    Thanks for sharing your boy with us.

  12. Danny Boy, you are so handsome!

  13. ooh la la, Danny Boy has merged form with function, and he looks good! The plaid really accents his soulful eyes. He could be the next coverdog on GQ.

  14. VERY handsome! He really looks great and made me wink at him!!!

  15. Danny Boy is one spiffy gent!

  16. Oh, Danny Boy, what a LOVE you ARE!!! You’ll stay with me forever, you darling boy-oh!

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