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We Have a Stuffing Emergency!

Duchess had a little too much fun with Santa! He’s coming apart at the seams!


Next Christmas is still a long way away, Susan. Break it to her gently.  ;)

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  1. She is such a cutie pie! You can just see she is talking to you! DS

  2. Duchess looks like our little Hannah! What a cutie-pie!

  3. Duchess is divine!

  4. Duchess is such a pretty girl, I’m Santa will forgive her attack on him!

  5. With that sweet face, I am sure Santa has forgiven her!

  6. Oh, what an absolutely gorgeous sheltie she is!! What a face. Thanks for sharing her with her Christmas outfit. This was a delightful post.

  7. Awww Duchess, I bet if you give your mom those sad sheltie eyes, she will sew Santa up for you!

  8. My Duchess, you are such a pretty girl!
    Cute ! Kelly loves to rip apart her toys..When I can,t sew them back together anymore out they go into the can , and she gets upset when watching me do it!I think she has more toys that our kids ever did!

    • Never throw toys away in front of a Sheltie! You’ll get the stinkeye every time. I always wait until they’re outside, or I am vacuuming-that gets them right out of the room! The toys just mysteriously disappear..

  9. Ha-Ha-Ha! Look at that face! Even tho’ Duchess was “caught in the act”, the expression seems to be saying, “What?”

    I love the one little tipped ear . . . cocky!! Another little doll baby, let’s face it, who are we kidding? There isn’t a Sheltie alive that isn’t a doll baby. You can’t pick just one, there is no such thing as the cutest one because they all are. Right, SN? Go ahead, pick one . . . I’ll wait!! You can’t do it, can you? LOL

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