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We’ll Huff and We’ll Puff…

“Hand over that sandwich girl or we’ll huff and we’ll puff and blow your house down!”


Our granddaughter was having a PBJ and had to retreat to her playhouse to keep from sharing.

(Dewey is the tri and the other 3 are our mo’s: Elmo, Nemo, and Gizmo)

We know who is gate keeper to this home, John!

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  1. Or, “We’ll huff and we’ll puff and BARK your house down!”

  2. Pretty dogs and very attentive.
    Dogs shouldn’t be fed out-of-hand as this makes beggars out of them. But like mine most are spoiled and beg.

  3. Sanctuary! But those walls look like they’re not secure enough to keep Adorable Granddaughter safe from the marauders.

  4. “Excuse me. May we please borrow a cup of peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”

  5. This is a darling picture. Your grand child is a very pretty gitl. It might have been tough for her to ignore all those pleading eyes. The shelties are adorable and I hope they sometimes get a bit of an extra sandwich!

  6. That is too funny and so cute!

  7. First, let me say your granddaughter is very cute and very brave to bring a PBJ out in front of that group of very nice looking Shelties. I’m sure everyone was well behaved and did not try to breach the castle walls.
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. What a picture, good thing she has that playhouse to run into.

  9. Goodness John, that is way too funny! Dewey is handsome and your 3 mo’s are beautiful. We know we are always in our sheltie’s eye sight, but 8 pairs might be a little intimidating for anybody, especially your granddaughter hiding in the playhouse. We all know how much our sheltie’s love their peanut butter, at my house I couldn’t sneak a peanut butter/ritz cracker past my Angel baby. Just look at all the love in your house.

  10. Peanut butter is puppy crack. At least our dear Shelties are relatively gentle when going in for the snack.

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