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Blue Ribbon Birthday!

I got Archie from the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue when he was 4 months old.  

January 4th, he turned 2 years old.  He is such a sweetheart!


Looks like you both won each other, Deb!

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  1. Happy birthday Archie and congrats on rescuing your human. LOL

  2. 4 of the 7 Shelties my family has had over the years came from the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue, and they’ve all been such precious additions to the family.
    Happy late birthday to Archie, what a handsome guy! Blessings to all.

  3. Happy birthday to your handsome sheltie, Archie. You are both blessed to have each other for years of love and fun. Thanks for shaqring the birthday boy with us!

  4. WAHOO, Archie turned 2! What a good looking boy he is. I agree with everyone else, how lucky both of you are. Congratulations Deb on the rescue, since this baby is only 2, it appears you will have many, many long years of fun, happiness and lots of laughter, not to mention your best heart dog and constant companion. From the intensity I see in Archie’s eyes, I’d say either dinner is being prepared or someone is getting ready to get a treat!

  5. Archie is so pretty, and is definitely a Champ in your heart…

    We live in the Okanagan in BC. and am wondering if any of you know of a Sheltie rescue center in British Columbia?

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday Archie !!! You hit the jackpot with this home!

    Thank you Deb & thank you Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue. Bless you.

    Archie is a cutie.

  7. Happy Birthday Archie! Thank goodness for Sheltie rescue groups, we’ve gotten 3 of our 4 Shelties from Sheltie rescue too. So many good dogs enjoying loving homes thanks to successful placement.

    What a sweet face Archie has, give him a big hug from me.

  8. Happy belated birthday, Archie!!! We remember you when you were just a pup – so little and adorable. You’ve grown up to be such a handsome boy! Hugs from your friends in St Louis. Home of the “Arch”. ;-)

  9. Happy Birthday Archie!

  10. I like the name, he is a cute dog and lucky to have you!

  11. Happy Birthday Archie!
    You are the number ONE sheltie in our eyes!

    Such as sweet face and soulful eyes.

    Thanks to Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue and Deb who were able to make your life so happy and many more happy b-days to come.

  12. He looks like a sweet boy. Enjoy many joy filled moments with him.

  13. Happy Birthday to Archie you beautiful boy!

  14. What a gorgeous little soul he is, just gorgeous!

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