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Mickey says: “yummy!”


;) Melissa

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  1. hes soooo cute especily the cape of fur on his sides;)

  2. Mickey is a beauty. We also have a sheltie named Mickey. His name at the kennel was Finn so we call him Mickey Finn.

  3. Hey Mickey you’re so fine
    You’re so fine you blow my mind
    Hey Mickey!! :)
    Such a BEAUTIFUL fluffy sheltie!!!

  4. Oh Mickey…tou are so very handsome, and I bet that snow taste,s good!

  5. I can so relate to this picture. My Piper grabs nips of snow to eat as he walks down the street – it’s too funny!

  6. What a stunning sheltie!

    I love Mickey’s coat color as well.

    Enjoy the snow while you can, Mickey. Our snow pretty much melted over the weekend.

  7. What a cutie pie!!! I love the tongue. Mickey is such a pretty sheltie and I absolutely love the color of his coat.

  8. What a sweetie! Isn’t it funny how much our Shelties love the snow considering that it doesn’t snow in the Shetland Islands!

  9. Aw-w-w, what an ending to my day. Look at this sweet seniors face and I LOVE that Mickey still has the ‘tude! If ever anyone has earned the right, it would be this handsome gentleman. Mickey has a beautiful mahagony coat with the full white bib and the tipped ears I love so much. Thank you Melissa for sharing this grand sweet soul with us and lucky you for getting to share with him daily. Sheltie hugs and kisses to you both.

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