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Dad, No P.D.A.!

Koji, our rescue Sheltie from Collie and Sheltie Rescue of Southeastern Virginia, and my husband Brent. Koji and Brent adore each other, but Koji didn’t seem to adore all the kisses when he was trying to go to sleep, lol.

kisses3Awe, Jenny. It is always a good time for a kiss!

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  1. Jenny and Brent are the best Sheltie fosters and adoptive families we love them!!

  2. Don’t Shelties have the most irresistably kissable noses? I agree with Tina – it’s nice to see a Sheltie ‘Daddy’ – as most of us commenting on here are ‘Mommas’. Our Amanda is certainly my girl – but she’s also her Daddie’s little ‘shadow’. Love the meaning of Koji’s name – I’m always referring to Amanda as our ‘child’;)

  3. What a pleasant surprise, after a rough weekend at work, to see my boys here! Koji is such a sweetie, so we are always kissing him. And his facial expressions crack us up! Brent found Koji on when we started talking about getting a 2nd dog. In fact, Koji means shining 2nd child. He completed our family and, even though he’s getting daddy kisses in the pic, he’s a momma’s boy all the way :)

  4. I can read Koji’s mind! He is saying, ‘thanks but no thanks Dad, I’m trying to sleep here.’ Love his expression, and agree, yes Shelties do manage to show their emotions no matter what they’re feeling, we hoomans will know about it lol.

  5. Can any breed look more long-suffering than a sheltie?! He is a patient, handsome boy and bless you for rescuing him :)

  6. That reminds me of my boy, in response to getting a double ear scratch. Sometimes the response was a big smile, and sometimes the response was an “I’m not in the mood!” facial expression.

  7. What a beautiful sheltie Koji is!! I am so happy he has found a loving home. Nothing beats seeing a guy loving his dog. Thanks for sharing this great photo!!

    • Ditto to all the comments, especially Tina’s!!! I couldn’t have said it any better. Lucky family to have each other!!!

      Loved your picture Jenny.

  8. I am so glad Koji has such a loving home and receives so many kisses! I know you all will have years of love. Congrats on giving this sweet sheltie a home. I know you will all benefit. He is a little doll who clearly does not want to be bothered when he is sleepy!
    Thanks for the adorable picture of your beautiful sheltie.

  9. I give Beau kisses all the time, Beau’s response,” Momma, do not embarrass me” but, i think he secretly likes it too, otherwise, he wouldn’t poke me in the butt and run to couch. That’s our lovin signal

  10. Aww what a nice way to start the week. Every dog needs to have kisses. How great of you to take in Koji and give him such a good home!

  11. I also agree that it is always a good time for a kiss, apparently Koji . . . not so much! Just look at that stink eye she is giving dad Brent. Congratations Jenny and Brent on adopting this little beauty. It is a wonderful thing that you have done for this little furbaby and he will bring much joy to your lives for years to come.

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