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Growing Up Is Cute

Not much as changed since we last saw Tully.


OMG, Annie. He has only gotten cuter!

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  1. Tully is so very handsome. I love his coloring,especially around his eyes.

  2. Ahh Tully is getting cuter and cuter..and fluffier…Sweet !

  3. Tully is adorable! Lovely coloring!

  4. Ooooo I’m loving all the tri cuteness lately. Tully’s face is so expressive! This made me smile today. Enjoy your lovely boy!

  5. Awe, baby Tully.. you are too precious!! I want to give you a BIG huge!!!

  6. Awww, another beautiful Tri!! Love this picture of your furbaby.

  7. Such a Cutie!!!!

  8. Mom, see what a good boy I am! I’ll do anything you want!

    (My Sheltie Angel was a cute tri-boy too.)

  9. Cute, cute and cuter!! Loving both pictures!!

  10. Tri-colors! Love those tri’s! He is a beautiful sheltie. I see he knows how to work a camera, too!

  11. So cute and his sweet face melts my heart!

  12. What a cute dog Tully is! He’s growing up to be a handsome boy, bet he loves to have fun.

  13. Aww Tully has a sweet face.

  14. He is adorable!

  15. WOW! Be still my heart, I am SO-O-O in love with your furkid Annie. How cute is he? He has absolutely the “everything” Sheltie look that we all hope for. When Tully becomes a teenager and into adulthood he is going to be one handsome gentlemen. Here’s knowing that you are going to have many years of fun, Sheltie shennigans, companionship and complete, total and unconditional love from this little heart dog. How lucky can you be?

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