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Happy St. Sheltie Day!

Time to eat green cookies!

stpatty On the couch: SuBear, Victoria, Winter & Iris

Below the couch: Tobie & Autumn

Thank you, Lisa!

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  1. I, too, am amazed at how you got all of them to sit still AND wearing glasses, hats, etc. Precious.

  2. Happy St Shelties Day! Lovely photo …beautiful Shelties!

  3. Oh my, this is the first time I have heard of St. Shelties Day! These shelties are all adorned and would make a great cover picture for the holiday
    How did you get them all to cooperate and stay in their places?

  4. Cool picture Lisa !!! Love it !!!

    I’ll take the little blue merle sitting on the couch please !

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone from someone who’s 1/4 Irish. My maiden name is “Flood” – 100% Irish name.

  5. This is so cute! You are quite the trainer and artist to get them all to sit still for the pic. Are you the same lady who did the manger scene. I printed that one out, I loved it so much! Thank you……..and Happy St. Paddies Day to you too. My Shelties have Irish names, Clancy, Katie, and Murphy, since the breed originated in Ireland and Scotland.

    • Thank you, yes the manger scene was ours too. This is an awesome group of shelties who work very well together and for their cookies. My friend and I are very lucky to have such wonderful shelties! Very sadly one did pass at the end of last year. But we now have Winter the blue merle color headed white and she is fitting in quite nicely!

  6. Ha, ha, ha! The ones with only collars on got off easy! I wonder how long it took to get this shot? What a beautiful collection of furkids, wearing the green!

  7. Priceless as usual?

  8. An absolutely amazing Sheltie photo!! I wish Jakey would sit still long enough to take that kind of pic.

  9. Oh Lisa,your babies look so adorable,all in green,God Bless you and your shelties,they are beautiful

  10. The photo is precious. But it boggles my mind—how one gets the decorations ON all seven and KEEP them on long enough to snap a picture. Maybe six other people. Ya know—1,2,3, Go! Step back, snap. :) I’m lucky to get something like that on my little girl and have her hold long enough to get a picture. Her little paw starts to come up right away ready to knock it off.

  11. There are only 4 names for shelties on the couch, but there are 5 adorable shelties! Who’s missing?

  12. Hi Elizabeth, it might be the green beer! There are four names up top, but Iris’s name is in gold-ish highlight, so is hard to see :)

  13. What an awesome little group of St. Paddie,s day Shelties…You all have a great St. Paddies Day!

  14. Hi! Love the St. Paddy’s Day celebration by the handsome Scottish group, but I count five ‘people’ on the couch but only four names — Please fill in or let me know if the green beer has gotten to my eyes.

  15. What a great looking pack that is Lisa. Also wishing you a wonderful, fun filled, happy “green day”.

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