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Have You Seen A Cute Puppy Lately?

Feeling a quart low on cute?

Well then, here you go!


Jocu is a little cutie, Denise!

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  1. Pretty puppy. I love the front leg bone & the nice blaze.

  2. Just had to come back and see this pic! Soooo cute!!! Enjoy as they do grow up quicker than children!

    • I know- they grow up too quickly.
      Jocu is 8 weeks and a couple days here and has changed so much since I sent the pic in…..

  3. Jocu is just adorable. I haven’t had the opportunity to have a sheltie this young and small before as I have adopted older ones. You sure are blessed to have this little bundle of joy!

  4. What a sweet heart! Nothing is more adorable than a sheltie puppy. I hope you enjoy many years of fun and love.

  5. What a cutie who is on a mission!

  6. Jocu is so adorable indeed! May little Jocu and his family have many , many fun and lovin years ahead..And..I am sure you will…lol

  7. Jocu, you’re so adorable, I’m sure your owner knows how lucky she is! I wish I had a puppy too, but with 2 adult Shelties, my house is full for now.

  8. This baby is ADORABLE!!!! I want to pick him up and cuddle with lots of kisses. I love that little face!! :)

  9. So cute just makes you want to pick him up and give him a squeeze!

  10. Jocu is soooooo beautiful and smart — Analyzing the WHOLE scene before making another move! Just look at those tiny, pristine baby paws!

    Uhhhh, please send me a couple of dozen of Jocu ;=)

    • He is smart- he knows how to get what he wants.
      he’s the one and only – I know that there are lots of shelties looking for homes…..

  11. Aw-w-w, Denise, I am so-o-o in love with your furbaby. Jocu sure has a determined look in those eyes, maybe he’s getting ready to “attack”. There is absolutely everything to love here, from the tip of that cute little black nose all the way to the little fuzzy butt. Enjoy your new companion for years and years.

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