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In a Sheltie’s World, Couch = My Bed

I have bought Miss Magnolia a few doggie beds in her 11 years but she always prefers the couch.
But of course, Bridget. ;)

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  1. I love Miss Magnolia’s name!!! She looks pretty and comfy on HER sofa!!

  2. Thanks everyone! She is my little princess. :)

  3. Aaaw, Miss Magnolia sure looks comfy….and I bet there is a better view of the t.v. too from that angle…No wonder she prefers the couch…LOL….

  4. Ah yes … the couch is always the best for a Sheltie! Miss Magnolia is a cutie!

  5. Now that is one comfortable sheltie! We have one as well.
    Our Mally loves “his” couch, too.

    ps Miss Magnolia is beautiful. I love her markings.

  6. Such an adorable little angel!!! It’s so funny how they use the pillows for their entire body.. mine does the same thing. Miss Magnolia is a cutie!!

  7. Awww..Lil Miss Magnolia so deserves to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy all the comfort!

  8. Ha, in my house, MY bed is his bed!! Nothing better than a Sheltie butt snuggled next to me! Tho my husband is not as thrilled …. But he puts up with it anyway, for me. Bless him.

  9. So pretty, snuggled up on ‘her’ sofa! I see Miss Magnolia is fond of the body pillow-love the paw laying across the pillow too. She’s a very sweet senior Sheltie.

  10. Aw-w-w Bridget, what a little beauty Miss Magnolia is. At this point, I say let them have whatever/whereever they want. My Bambi was 11 1/2 years old when I had to help her cross the bridge, she always slept in the corner of the couch and on top of two pillows and used the back of the couch as her headrest, until she was not longer able to get herself up there. It would not do for me to lift her up, she immediately jumped right back down, they are so independent you know. When she got ready to nap, if her pillows were not stacked, she would come looking for me to let me know something was not right in her world and I needed to fix it . . . NOW! She is really a beautiful senior lady. Here’s wishing you many more years with your little soulmate.

  11. So true! We too have spent money on comfy dog beds, still have a couple laying around the house but our babies much prefer the couch and some pillows! A cuddly sleeping sheltie is just the best.

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