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Inspector Yin and Yang at your service!

Harvey and Bundy (he’s the one with the wide collar) are inspecting the new courtyard we had just decorated with pavers and stones; checking it is up to the stringent Sheltie standard.


So did it pass this very important inspection, Mary? ;)

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  1. I hope the new stones and pavers met with the special approval of your shelties! I wish I coulod have seen their faces. Their furry backs were gorgeous.

  2. hey so where is my favorite spot, you know the one where l can go potty and always is my spot….where did it go?

  3. Does the courtyard meet up to their standards?? I bet they are two fine looking Sheltie babies!

  4. Don’t you just love sheltie curiousity!!? I love their thick, full coats and cute little ears! :) This is a great shot, Mary!!

  5. Hmmm…sniff sniff….this is different. Feels good under our pads… Looks good..Was that a bug? No- stay focused on inspection….We approve!!

  6. OMG — Nothing comes inside or goes outside w/o Millie checking it out and approving it — After a thorough examination! Didn’t realize that they ‘all’ take their duties so seriously. I guess it’s just born in them: They ARE responsible for their people and their property. And I couldn’t love them more!

    Are Harvey and Bundy related? Brothers? They are so similar in size and coloring except for the wide collar.

    • yes, my beautiful boys are from the same litter. We got harvey at 8 weeks. His brother Bundy was kept as a show dog, but in the end there were some minor things that ruled him out of the tough show circuit. When his breeder asked if we knew anyone who would be interested in taking him (he was 7 months by then) we jumped at the chance. They have given us so much joy since

  7. WOW, Mary, from what I can see, your two furbabies are absolutely stunning, their coloring and markings are so striking. Yes, we know that everything that goes on in “their” house must pass their stringent inspections and we know they will let you know if something is not up to the Sheltie standards . . . must keep the furkids happy!!

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