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Is that all there is?

Sadie was hoping for more than 19″ of snow.


It is never enough, Karol.

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  1. Picture perfect sheltie! What a great card this would make. How could someone not smile when they look at that cute face!

  2. Good morning all…another Ahhh moment to begin my day
    Sadie is so very pretty, and love the daubs of snow on her face
    Beautiful photo of her in the snow.
    Our snow is now pretty much gone..till next year…lol

  3. What a lovely photo and gorgeous Sheltie! So cute with a snout covered in snow!

  4. Wow–what an absolutely gorgeous sheltie, Sadie is and what a perfect picture. This is a photo to be shared. Sadie sure has the looks and I love the look in her beautiful eyes. Thanks for sharing your dream sheltie with us!

  5. I promised my four Shelties a fun time in the snow and all our area got was pouring rain all day. Something tells me our chances of snow are dwindling fast.

  6. What a gorgeous photo, suitable for framing and for a calendar !!! Sadie is a real beauty too ! Thanks for sharing Karol.

  7. Beautiful photo! I love that face – Sadie is one pretty lady!

  8. This picture should be made in to a painting.

  9. This is such a beautiful picture! Sadie is one lovely sheltie!!!! Great shot. Karol!!! :)

  10. Now that is one beautiful photo!
    Sadie is one fine looking sheltie!

  11. Oh my gosh how cute! They love the snow.

  12. Sadie, Sadie, lucky lady! I promised Logan, Piper , and Holly 6 -12 inches of snow. But alas, all the DC metro area got was cold slush yesterday :-(
    Have fun in the snow Sadie!

  13. Ah-h-h Karol, if ever there was a calendar “money” shot, my bet would be on your gorgeous Sadie. Full white bib, tipped ears and the eyes with the far off come hither look, yah, I’d buy that. Have fun, fun, fun in the snow Sadie, for someone who looks like you love it so much, unfortunately it will not last long.

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