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Pleeeeese mom, just a little longer?

How can anyone say no to you, Toby!


What a face, Dana!

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  1. Toby does have the sweetest face and those EYES!!!! I could not say no to him.

  2. Toby is so darling. I just love that face!!! The snow is beautiful, but I don’t miss it since moving from Michigan to CA.

  3. Love this Toby is beautiful, and looks so cute with the snow covering him…

  4. When my tri-boy looked like that, he would give a vigorous fluff. (Get that snow off of me Right Now!)

  5. Toby… you are one beautiful Tri Sheltie! You remind me of a polar bear,,, their coat is so full and lush that snow will not melt because of the thickness of the coat. You have the most beautiful eyes that anyone would be hypnotized by too,

    It is snowing here in Michigan this morning and I am sure my boys will look the similar… snow covered!


  6. Looks like Toby is covered in powdered sugar! What a handsome face!!

  7. He looks like a wooly bear how cute!

  8. Aw-w-w Toby, what a handsome furbaby you are! With the snow dusting on his coat, he looks like he has a cross between a haze and a halo surrounding him. Such pleading and so much wishful thinking showing in those soulful eyes, did you give in Dana? Did Toby get to stay? Juding from the looks of that beautiful coat, I’d say there were many zoomies and lots of snow angels. Enjoy your happy winter time Toby, it is disappearing fast.

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