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Smile if You Love Snow!

Looks like Arianna really loves it!


:)) Susie

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  1. What’s extra special about my 3 year old Arianna is that not only does she love snow, but that her total name is Arianna Snow!

  2. This is such a pretty picture and Arianna is a beautiful girl. Look at that amazing smile~~~~

    • Tina thank you for your sweet comment. Arianna is so happy to be in snow. We originally lived in Florida so when we moved it was wonderful to see her so happy to play and eat the snowflakes! I guess her sheltie smile says it all!

  3. Arianna is very cute
    I love the little smile on her face, as it show it all !!

    • You should have seen her when she was a baby – she’s been a cutie
      from the very beginning! And always smiling.

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Arianna gave me a smile this morning by flashing HER big smile! What a pretty girl she is sitting in a snowy wonderland.

    • Thank you Jo – no matter what happens during the day, she flashes her smile and everything seems a little better. She is the pefect sheltie!

  5. Her name fits her she is a beauty!

    • Thank you Robin for your lovely comment. She’s looking up at me right now asking when I’m going to turn off the computer and go to
      bed. She listens for the sound of it shutting off and then hops into
      bed. Yep – my bed. She only sleeps in her dog bed during the day!

  6. Arianna truly loves snow!!! I’ve never seen a more authentic and ‘real’ Sheltie smile! She’s brought endless smiles to me — Know she does for you, too!

    Bless her! I could keep on ‘gushing’, but you get the picture ;-)

    • I wish you could meet her. She brings me constant joy with her antics and her sweet loving disposition. And, she does love snow. She actually frolics when she “eats the snowflakes”!

      Thank you for your comment.

  7. WOW, what a beautiful snow furbaby you have Susie. Arianna looks like she is lovin’ everything right now, with one of the biggest trademark Sheltie smiles. Such a stunning back ground for her picture, she is so striking. With the ever so slight head tilt and the black outline around the top of her ears and the little black streaks coming out the corners of both eyes, makes her look so exotic.

    • I should post her baby picture – she looked like snoopy! I have always wanted a blue merle but wanted to find one with quite a bit of white on her face and she almost has harlequin eyes up close. She is truly my beautiful daughter. Thank you for your comment.


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