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Snow Mischief

Whatcha up to, Danner?


Keep an eye on this cutie, Julie! ;)

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  1. Simply divine

  2. What a beauty and what gorgeous eyes! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Well, I must say I thought I was looking at my Finnegan. Same expression, same white on the nose. I think we have each other’s doppelganger!!! Aren’t we lucky?

  4. Such a beautiful and loving face. Shelties are the best!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes what a beautiful face..I don,t know what it is about Sheltie eyes…but…they get me each and every time!..That,s all it takes ! Many years of fun and love ahead for Danner and his family!

  6. My ahhhh moment for the day! What a beautiful face and those eyes, gently requesting more please. Impossible to resist.

  7. What a great photo! Is there anything more expressive and soulful than a sheltie’s eyes? I think not!

  8. Ok seeing that face just made my work morning!!! What a sweet looking soul!!!!! Nothing beats those sheltie eyes!!!! Love em!!!!!!

  9. Danner is such a handsome boy! I’m sure he never gets into any mischief, how could he with a face like that?

  10. He is beautiful.

  11. Ah-h-h Julie, I can see the mischeviousness in your little ones eyes, wondering just what he can get into next. Since I’m seeing snowflakes on this gorgeous gentleman, am I to assume that there was a round of zoomies involved? This look seems to be saying, as they all do, Please let me stay a little longer, we get so little snow each year, I want to enjoy it all. Have lots of fun Danner, it is only here a short while.

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