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Sugar Coated Sheltie


Love that snowy smile on the end of Maverick’s nose, Chris! :)

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  1. I love this photo with that intense look in Maverick’s eyes!! He is a beautiful sheltie!!!

  2. Looks like fun! Pretty Sheltie!

  3. This shot needs framing. (great photography!)

    What a very handsome boy your Maverick is.

  4. any way you spice them up…they are tasty….and wonderful on the palatte… just give so much love and so much acceptance

  5. When my tri-boy went outside when it was snowing, he would “fluff”. (Get that off of me Right Now!)

  6. Maverick is a very handsome boy and your photo is fantastic! May you enjoy many happy years together!

  7. Hey Chris, isn’t it amazing how our furbabies can give us the signature Sheltie smile and give us the stinkeye all at the same time? Looks like your Maverick has that move down pat.

    I love the snow “sprinkles” Maverick is wearing. He is one stunning bi-black, he just seems to have it all rolled into one handsome package. Make lots of snow puppies while you can Maverick, it is here only for a short time. So while it is here, enjoy and just . . . dance!

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