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There’s No Mistake With My Order

I ordered a cute Sheltie with sprinkles.


What a cutie pie, Andy!

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  1. Definitely an adorable little one.

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. What a gorgeous looking sheltie! I love everything about this ones glorious fur, bright eyes, tipped ears, and the most lovely face.

  4. Awesome photo …beautiful Sheltie!

  5. Just gorgeous!

  6. He is totally adorable!! How old is he?

    My nearly 14 year-old sheltie, Courtney, passed away from lymphoma one year ago on Palm Sunday. The following Friday (Good Friday) I learned of a 5 year-old named Singer, in need of a home.

    Just like Lois’ sheltie, she is attached to me at the hip and sings (it’s a musical high-pitched howl) when she is separated from me for any length of time. I don’t know much about her history, but am sure she suffered some harm or neglect in her early life. She doesn’t try to heard people, doesn’t nip at ankles like most shelties do. She’s afraid of other dogs and strange people.

    She’ll never suffer from abuse again!

    • Maggie is 10 years old. We are so sorry to hear of your loss and wish we could turn back the years and make Maggie younger again. Maggie has been the perfect dog and we appreciate and enjoy every day we have with her.

  7. whatever the color or the sprinkles they are all adorable…and wanted. my husband and I love our “found” Sheltie, and keep telling her she is at her forever home….she is so attached to us…like a shadow…sometimes her anxiety can just be a bit too much. I have had a lot of German Shepherds and thought they were the perfect dog for me, but now it is definitely it is Shelties…….

  8. Be still my heart!
    What an absolute cutie!
    The sprinkles just add the extra sugar on top!
    Hugs and kisses to one special pup!

  9. What a beautiful coat! Love it! You obviously take good care of your sheltie!

  10. Aww what a sweet little face!

  11. Oooh! I want one too!!!

  12. Thank you Andy for my aw-w-w-w moment for the day, isn’t it wonderful when you get exactaly what you order? What a real sweet looking furbaby you have. Maggie looks like such a petite little cutie pie and I love the tipped ears and those big eyes almost give her the appearance of a little teddy bear. Have lots of fun with your heart/life companion.

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