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We’re keeping the bed warm for you.

Friday (back of Bed), Dora (middle right), Woody (left) Sadie (middle) Adam (right)

For sure David and Lynn, you do need a bigger bed. :))

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  1. So nice to see all of the shelties and kitties living in harmony together…Great group photo!

  2. That’s a cool picxture! I like how the canines & felines all get along. Now where is mom & dad’s bed? ha ha

  3. How sweet that they warm the bed for you! Adorable cuddle-buddies. I see that Friday is not big on sharing space. The basket may be small, but he has it all to himself. :) And Shelties are so loveable they’ve even won over the cats!

  4. Looks like a “Three Dog Night”.
    A cat with the Shelties? My three would never stand for that!

  5. Took a while for me to find Friday, too, but I love this group shot. We have two Sheltie girls and a big tuxedo kitty too, and they all hog the bed. At least your bed is nice and toasty when you pretzel yourselves into it! LOL!

  6. Nah — I see room for at least five more Shelties.

  7. What a happy bed you have with all that love coming from your lovely shelties! I know they must be wonderful to cuddle up and keep you feeling loved and warm. Thanks for sharin g this adorable foursome.

  8. So where do you sleep, David & Lynn? Cause I don’t see enough room for two hoomans on that bed!

  9. Wow where do you sleep in between right? What a cute group!

  10. I think this looks like a situation where you run in the room calling “dibs” on the spot you want! I’m admiring at all your furbabies, but looks like Dora snuck out when you weren’t looking. What fun you must have David and Lynn, just look at all the shennigans, zoomies, sheltie smiles, tugs of war and anything else their little hearts can come up, not to mention all the hugs and kisses, and you get to share it all! Lucky, lucky fur parents.

  11. I couldn’t find Friday. But I found him/her. I love that Friday is in a basket, too cute. Now, where do the humans sleep? On the floor, right?

  12. Heaven!!! [At least my idea of heaven!] But i’m totally happy when i go to bed and find mine already warming the bed for me :-)

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