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A Pupventure!

Amos seems to be enjoying his first trip to the dog park.


…and maybe a little pleased with himself that he got his ears undone, Laurie? LOL

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  1. Oh …he’s a cutie!!! And those unglued ears …so cute!

  2. Another Awww moment for me! Amos is adorable and looks so happy and ready to go!

  3. That’s more than a smile—that’s a full-blown Sheltie laugh. He is so ready to get out there and mix it up with the other pups. Enjoy little fellow!!

  4. Such a cutie! Just a word of advice – I could not help but notice, the collar is one that Shelties can easily back out of and run loose. Be safe & get a Martingale collar.

  5. Aw-w-w Laurie, what a cutie . . . and a WHOLE ton of mischievous just waiting to happen. At this early age, Amos already has the patened Sheltie smile down cold. Good thing, that just might save his fuzzy little butt from time to time! Wishing you many long, happy years with this little furbaby.

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