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Between a couch and a cute place

We all know why we are here today.

To see this 10 week old cutie, Heidi!


Awe, Chris

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  1. Yes, she is adorable….and love the ears!

  2. Hey! My mother in law has that same couch, but hers didn’t come with a sheltie!!! (I think you got the better deal!) hehehehe- have fun with your new baby!

  3. Heidi is a cutie! I bet she will be lots of fun as she grows!

  4. What a beautiful baby!

  5. What a cutie!!!

  6. Heidi is just adorable!

  7. She is so prescious! What a cutie!

  8. Thanks for the cute photo of your pup. Put a big smile on my face. Took me way back to when our first three Shelties were that tiny.

  9. What a cutie pie! Love this little girl!

  10. This made my day!!!!!!!!! What a sweet, sweet baby!!! Heidi is absolute cuteness in the finest form. What fun everyone must be having at your house with this little furball!!!!

  11. So cute congrats and have fun!

  12. I think it is safe to say that Heidi will be a good listener! Many joy filled moments to you.

  13. Aw-w-w Chris, what a sweet little face this is, bless her heart! Let’s hope she grows into those ears, which by the way only adds to her cute “quizical” Sheltie expression. I know you are going to have years and years of fun and laughter with your new BFF!

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