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Blue Enough for Ya, Tex?

Texas Shelties Dora & Molly enjoy the blooming bluebonnets!


Thanks to David!


A cutie for sure, Kerri!

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  1. Just gorgeous!
    Sweet sheltie smiles with beautiful flowers… who could ask for more!
    Just wish we could be there to smell the flowers.
    Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

  2. Such beautiful girls in lovely fields of lavender! Simply beautiful! :)

  3. Wow, Dora & Molly are just gorgeous in the field of bluebonnets! Great picture, I love their big smiles.

  4. These are two awfully pretty girls. Loving the big Sheltie smiles Dora and Molly are wearing. Do I see Dora sporting a “dye” job or maybe just some extensions! LOL Have lots of fun Kerri and David, enjoy those sweet furbabies for years to come.

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