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Don’t worry, we will watch the house.

 When we went out for the evening, we left our kids, Little Miss, Skipper Boy and Sister Sue, watching TV.  

I think they got bored…


Well what channel did you have on, Ginny?  LOL

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  1. This is what happens when the Animal Planet Too Cute show is about CATS instead of dogs. BORING!

  2. I always leave the TV or radio on for Kelly when we go out…Yes I wonder too, what goes on when we are gone! What we don,t do for our little furry babies !! haha

  3. Hmmm – don’t we wish we had cameras to see what they all do while we are away.
    Love it!

  4. Good looking crew, Ginny!

  5. LOL! I feel the same way about TV!

  6. This is so sweet. They are in such a deep sleep. My sheltie looked like this Easter night since he didn’t have a chance to get a daytime nap. Great shot, Ginny! :)

  7. So cute! They look so comfortable.

  8. My, my, don’t they look comfy on the sofa! Looks like mine!
    I am sure they would have been awakened had anyone tired to get in the house. Shelties are the best watch dogs as we all know.
    Too cute…

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